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CERAMIZERS® - oil additives for the repair, reconditioning and protection of all metal-metal friction parts, including:

  1. Petrol, gas and Diesel engines;
  2. Manual gearboxes;
  3. Differentials (front and rear axles);
  4. Reducers;
  5. Transmissions, joints, gears and chains;
  6. Power stearing boxes;
  7. Hydraulic operating mechanisms;
  8. All type of steel bearing;
  9. Compressors;
  10. High pressure fuel pumps.

Oil additives, engine additives, gearbox additives
Ceramization is a new technology, which provides for regenerate engines, gearboxes, differentials and other devices, where metal to metal friction occurs. A ceramic layer is formed owing to combination and diffusion of ceramizer® particles with metal particles moving about in oil. What seems rather unusual is the fact that there is no need for dismantling of the device. The process of regeneration and building of a ceramic layer takes place automatically, already after 200 km/ 125 miles from the moment of adding of the product (engine additive, gearbox additive) to oil benefits are noticeable.


1. Protection of dynamic car parts against wear;
2. Recondition of the friction pairs without the need to dismantle;
3. Restored surfaces guaranteed for 70000/100000 km (40000/60000 miles);
4. Reduced fuel consumption from 3 to 15 %;
5. Increase the power and mechanical efficiency of the engine;
6. Protection against corrosion and aggressive chemicals especially when lower quality fuel and lubricants are used;
7. Increased efficiency of the lubrication system;
8. Decreased oil consumption;
9. Longer operating time between oil changes (min 50% increase);
10. Decreased exhaust emission of toxic gases;
11. Decrease in noise level from the engine, gearbox and differential;
12. Lowered vibration level;
13. Reduced friction value to less then 0,02 – ten times less then steel–steel;
14. Extended operating life of all working parts;
15. Increased reliability;
16. Extended operating life of the friction pairs five–times;
17. Lowered working temperature of the engine;
18. In the event of oil leakage and loss quaranteed continual and safe use of vehicle (engine for up to 500 km/ 300 miles, gearbox, reducer, axle up to 1000 km/ 600 miles);
19. Improved engine start especially at low tempratures;
20. Protection against piston ring seizure;
21. Protection of natural environment.