Ceramizers® are innovative additives for the repair, reconditioning and protection of all metal-metal friction parts including:

  • Petrol, gas and Diesel engines
  • Manual gearboxes
  • Differentials (front and rear axles)
  • Reducers
  • Transmissions, joints, gears and chains
  • Power steering systems
  • Hydraulic operating mechanisms
  • All type of steel bearing
  • High pressure fuel pumps
  • Compressors

The possibilities of using Ceramizers® are very wide, here are some of them:


Car oil additives

Most car owners have a special relationship with their vehicles, expectingfor cars to be reliable, durable, having a low fuel consumption and best possible performance, often to exceed parametres guaranteed by the manufacturer. This is reflected in way they care for their vehicles or by tuning them.

To contribute to the improvement of the operating parameters of the engine, drivetrain, reduce performance limitations caused by friction- you can use Ceramizer. This creates the possibility of applying the well known and reputed technology of  ceramization to regenerate your vehicle. The effect consists in a substantial, because almost 10 - fold reduction of  coefficient of frictionand effect lasts for at least 70 thousand km. As a result of use of Ceramizers' application  the durability of the engine, gearbox, and thus the durability and reliability of the car increases. In some, extreme, cases, such as leakage of oil even driving without oil for up to 500 KM is possible which we have proven on various occasions during testing (see tests).

Such effects can be achieved using the proposed technology not only in new cars - preventively, but even in heavily worn mechanisms of older models – to regenerate them. What is important you do not need to dissassemble the treated mechanism and the cost is significantly lower than conventional repairs.


Motorbike oil additives

Higher speeds harder working conditions of the engines are a feature of two wheel vehicles such as motorcycles or scooters. Here you can apply Ceramizers as well.

The resulting decrease in friction in the engine and regeneration of exploited metal surfaces will provide for a smoother operation of the mechanism and thus in turn prolong the lifespan and durability of the vehicle.


Taxi oil additives

Taxi cars' engines are most probably exploited to a far bigger extent than engines of private cars. Not seldom do they have mileages of up to 300-400 000 KM. Also many times the mileages may have been tampered with and the realistic ones are knot even known to the taxi drivers. Cold starts and start-stop driving is the reality of driving a taxi and the wear and tear processess push the engines to the limits in this case.

The taxi vehicle is usually operated in  conditions of city traffic, where we have to deal with short distances of driving with frequent stops at traffic lights, low speed, often unheated engine.

Poor quality of fuel, extreme working conditions of  engines of taxis mentioned hereabove are more than adequate reasons to protect the cars with Ceramizer technology to ensure optimal lifespan of particular mechanisms. 


Oil additives for truck engines

Long routes away from transport bases/ hubs require reliability and durability from the fleet of vehicles, as well as optimized operating costs. In some cases however unforseen costs of repair may diminish the rentability in a considerable way.

Such repairs generate exorbitant costs and using Ceramizers as regular preventive measures may reduce that business and operational risk.

By generating even 3-5% of fuel savings due to Ceramizers the competetiveness of the transport company may rise significantly. Also in extreme cases of oil leakage the ability to drive additional 300-500 km to the next service station due to Ceramizer protection - may prove to be crucial.



Driving instructors are very well acquainted with hard conditions of engine work.

Mainly caused by course participants the engines get beaten up by driving on low shifts, frequent restarts, jump- driving, clutch malfunctions etc.

Usually such cars operate in lower speeds which creates perfect conditions for wear and tear processess to destroy the engine in a gradual manner which in turn is perfect enviroment for Ceramizer® to operate and prolong the lifespan of such mechanism.


Oil additives for agro tractors engines

Agricultural tractors and combines, working in very difficult conditions ( dust, variable loads, varying fuel quality) are subject to wear  and tear of engines. They are usually diesel engines which operate at best when proper engine parametres are maintained- such as optimal compression.

Overhaul periods in agricultural machines cause severe financial lossess as mostly they are either a part of a larger fleet on bigger farms or they constitute the main operating tool for the smaller farms.

The panacea for this could be proposed technology ceramization used in a wide range, allowing repair and protection against friction engine and transmission assemblies tractors, without dismantling and highly qualified staff, directly on the farm and at low cost. The same applies to other machines and equipment used in agriculture.

The cure for such problems can be provided by means of using Cermizers to ensure the reconditioning of heavily exploited agricultural fleets no matter whether of tractors or harvesters without the need to dissassemble mechanisms and on-the-job.


Oil additives for: lawnmowers | power generators | chainsaws

Lawnmowers, power generators, chainsaws - all of these devices are stationed in the garage/shed unused for several months. The consequence of this is the gradual corrosion inside the engine which significantly shortens the life of the mechanism. The use of  ceramization technology protects against corrosion In addition, the technology protects against wear and tear during operation



Oil additives for road service vehicles Such vehicles often spend longer periods of time unused to finally be heavily exploited during short but intense time periods. The equipment must be maintained in perfect shape regardless of the weather conditions and vehicle must be used in peak performance even in severe enviroments. Regular use of Ceramizers will provide the necessary protection for all the engaged mechanisms of the vehicle by making them more durable for longer periods of time.




Cars used for such purposes should be reliable in terms of engine operation in peak performance as well as engine starting in order to achieve optimal parametres of traction in all weathers and conditions.Oil additives for emergency vehicles

Seemingly difficult to achieve requirements can be obtained using relatively cheap Ceramizers®. Their application results in significant (about 8 times) reduction in friction coefficient, which allows for easy starting and operating of the car. Other benefits of using Ceramizers consist of fuel savings, prolonged intra-service periods and consequently longer operating periods of vehicles. It is of paramount importance to use Ceramizers® for joints, transmissions, rear axles and steering systems, increasing their efficiency and reliability in a complex manner.


Oil additives for Military vehicles The origin of Ceramization in the automotive sector lies in the military sector, where first versions of the product have been developed.

Possible applications of Ceramizer are not only in motorized equipment but also in weaponry. Reliability and durability of the equipment is of utmost importance in that sector.In this area most important factors are time savings, people's safety and effectiveness of operation. Equipment must be reliable and resistant to adverse weather conditions and such factors as aggressive action of chemicals, mechanical damages and even heavy leaks of oil.

Such protection can be provided by complex use of Ceramizers in many mechanisms to ensure comprehensive protection.

The use of Ceramizer can also significantly reduce fixed costs of equipment stocking by protecting various mechanisms and enhancing their durability and reliability.

On top of that in motorized equipment measurable saving in lubricant and fuel consumption can be achieved. Therefore we recommend to use a wide spectrum of Ceramizer products in that area.


Construction machinery and equipment works under conditions of substantial and variable loads, significant dusting, often inadequate lubrication. These factors undoubtedly hinder their durability. Apart from the engines, extreme operating conditions in construction equipment are affecting other mechanisms.

Potential scope of Ceramizer that may be used to treat HD machines is very wide.

From power generators to caterpillars each machine operates in difficult conditions and prolonging its lifespan or generating fuel or oil savings is crucial for the economics of the company.



Old cars oil additives

Collectors and fans of vintage cars and motorcycles, during their restoration (reconstruction) encounter a barrier  of lack of spare parts for such vehicles. Thus some engine failures may prove to be irreversible.

Ceramizer can serve as a remedy for mechanisms that are created in older technologies from materials of worse durability than currently produced ( steel or cast iron). Enhancing the engine with Ceramizer guarantees the protection needed for longer operation and reliability of a mechanism.

Applying Ceramizers to classic cars not only prevents mechanisms from failing but also prolongs the lifespan of cherished and invaluable models.


Motorsport engine oil additives Motorsport engines (motorcycles, gokarts,paragliders, motorboats …) are probably the most heavily exploited engines subject to extreme wear and tear.

Aside from limited performance and risk of engine failure ,financial burden of repairs is also an argument for the use of Ceramizers in motorsports.

Complex application may enhance the durability of mechanisms, make them more resistant to extreme working conditions and eventually generate savings in repairs by regenerating mechanisms.

Minimization of harmful  friction effects makes mechanisms more immune to temperatures caused by metal to metal rubbing and is the key to improve performance and also safety of the mechanisms in sport vehicles


Boats and Vessels operate in conditions of high risk of corrosion and degradation due to friction and influence of water.Motorboat oil additives

Ceramizers minimizes that risk by reconstructing the metal layers prone to degradation and lowering the temperature of rubbing surfaces.

Immunization of mechanisms to harmful factors present in the operating enviroment allows for boats and vesseles to operate for a significantly longer period of time.

Consequently Ceramization of various mechanisms is recommended.