Engine Oil Additives Manufacturer

The company Ceramizer sp o.o. (Originally Vidar) exists since 1996 and specializes in the production of  high-quality products  for the regeneration and protection of  devices, motors and mechanisms prone to wear and tear  in the process  of friction. Ceramizers are products completely and thoroughly produced in Poland and remain the property of the Polish company Ceramizer Sp o.o. Ceramizers are available on the Polish market for about 15 years, and now the brand is synonymous with quality and reliability.

National distribution network has more than 1,500 distribution points and abroad  products are already present in several countries around the world. Sectors  in which  Ceramizer operates is  automotive, but also industry and transport. In our daily work, we value honesty and listen to our customers seeking to constantly improve the quality of our products and services, always in response to changing market conditions.


Ceramizer Company strives to make Ceramizers  preferred and most trusted products for both individual users of vehicles and equipment, as well as for institutional partners. This goal we want to achieve through the creation of products that meet the highest quality standards, solutions dedicated to market conditions constantly improved thanks to the Polish technological thought. Acting, we are  guided by such values as:

  • fairness;
  • consistency in  communication;flexibility of the proposed solutions;
  • care for all stakeholders of Ceramizer Company.


Dariusz Kosiorek

Chairman of the Board

The inventor of the product and the business owner of  Ceramizer Company, businessman, innovator, a trained engineer, In the company he is  responsible for technology and development processes. An admirer of motoring, paragliding and gliding.

Katarzyna Kosiorek

Vice President

Co-owner of the company, responsible for the areas of HR and administration.

Borys Czajczyński

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Economist, marketer. Responsible for the strategic growth of the company over time, brand development of Ceramizer locally and abroad. Areas of expertise: sales, marketing, distribution networks, brand development, media contacts. Admirer of football and motoring. Contact: b.czajczynski@ceramizer.pl

Artur Kiliański

Internet Marketing Manager

Responsible for the brand presence of Ceramizer online and corealization of sales strategy. Automotive enthusiast and boxing fan. Contact: arturkilianski@ceramizer.pl

Agata Osipiak

Specialist in Customer Service,  responsible in the company for the construction and development of relationships with key customers in the B2B segment and support for current sales processes  in B2C area. Contact: sales@ceramizer.pl

Address for correspondence:

CERAMIZER Sp. z.o.o.
City / ZIP Code: Warsaw / 00-716
Street Address : Bartycka 116
Phone: 48 (22) 498 09 08
E-mail: office@ceramizer.com