engine oil additive

Ceramization is...

a new technology, which provides for regeneration of  engines, gearboxes, differentials and other devices, where metal to metal friction occurs. A ceramic layer is formed owing to combination and difussion of Ceramizer® particles with metal particles moving about in the oil.

What is important, there is no need for dismantling of the device.

The process of regeneration and building of a ceramic layer takes place automatically, already after 200 km/125 miles from the moment of adding the product (engine additive, gearbox additive) to oil first positive effects are noticeable.

Read more in section “How does it work”, and see our tests (including test of driving without oil, industrial tests) and testimonials (over 250 pages).

More informations:

Ceramizer® is based on a unique technology that will rebuild and restore worn surfaces by covering them with a ceramic-metal coating.
The restoration process is performed without disassembling the affected units, during their normal operation. Just add the Ceramizer® additives to the oil (in the motor, gearbox, power drive systems).

The Ceramizer® is not an oil thickener or so-called “motor-doctor” – one Ceramizer additive dose is only 4 gram. Ceramizer® does not contain teflon, lead, molybdenum, they do not clogg oil filters or oil ducts since Ceramizer® particles are smaller than filter pores.

The effects of engine restore after adding Ceramizer last for 70 000 km / 40 000 miles, also after changing the oil. Independent tests and many user testimonials (over 250 pages gathered so far) confirm complete safety of using Ceramizer engine treatment and gearbox treatment.

Are Ceramizers best engine and gearbox addtives?
See for yourself and test them!

Test 562 km / 350 without an oil in the engine

Watch extreme test - 562 km / 350 without an oil in the engine.